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Rubber Grows On Trees: The Story Of The Rain Boot

Ask almost any rubber boot company where its rubber comes from and you’ll be hard pressed to get an answer. We spent months going to trade shows and calling countless manufacturers with what we thought was this relatively simple question, and the only common answer we kept getting was, “you’re wasting your time.” As a […]

Read Post / December 23, 2016

If Looks Could Kill: The Problem With The Fashion Industry

We were winding our way through a maze of narrow alleyways no wider than our shoulders. Alongside the footpath lay a long, open drain that was stagnant with sewage, the stench of which had attracted swarms of flies. About 30 meters down the alleyway, we reached a rickety ladder and carefully climbed three levels to […]

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Why We Left The UN To Join The Fashion Industry

Nearly three years ago, the turquoise Mediterranean Sea was sparkling in the distance as we typed away on our laptops, ceiling fans buzzing overhead, coffees by our side. In the distance was the arid, dusty desert of neighboring Libya, sand from which was slowly taking over the office. Excel sheets showed the latest refugee movements […]

Read Post / December 21, 2016